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16” Universal Elec Fan 120w

16” Universal Fan Push or Puller.(Straight Blade)
Designed to be mounted direct on the radiator or Intercooler with the fitting kit supplied. This upgrade fan can produce up to double the cooling power of some OEM fans
These fans will work great on any Hot Rod, Custom, Pick-up, Stocker or any Ride !!

Fan Size: Universal 16” Fan
Motor: 12v 80w,
Thickness (Motor Height): 2.5”
Air Flow Rate: >2200 CFM
Speed: 2100 RPM - 7amp

PLEASE NOTE:This fan can be configured as a puller or pusher, if mounted on the inside it will pull the air through the radiator. However, the polarity of the wiring can be reversed and the blades can be turned so it becomes a pusher mounted on the outside to push air through the radiator, comes supplied with fitting kit.

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