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Borgeson Stainless Steel Universal Steering Joints All Sizes

Borgeson Stainless Steel, S/S Universal Joints (Steering)

Single needle bearing universal joints will operate smoothly at angles up to 35°. Angles over 35°.

Borgeson needle bearing universal joints are machined on state of the art CNC equipment from steel, stainless steel. On-going engineering and testing ensures that they offer the strongest, safest and smoothest operating steering universal joint available today. Borgeson needle bearing universal joints have the distinct advantage of lasting nearly 10 times longer than non-needle bearing joints. We recommend only needle bearing universal joints for vehicles that are used on the street. Borgeson needle bearing universal joints have no backlash or radial play. They are permanently lubricated and sealed and require no maintenance.

Popular Splines & DD Applications:

3/4”-36 = GM Column, Ford Column, Borgeson Column, Chrysler Box/Rack, GM Manual Box 58-64, Corvette 63-67, Ford Box(Manual/Power), Ford Rack Mustang & Pinto Power, VW Rabbit Rack Diesel, Some Model 122(65-85)

5/8”-36 = GM Manual Box(Vega Model 40, Corvair), GM Rack 79 & Later.

3/4”-Smooth = Universal.

3/4"DD = Universal, Intermediate Shaft.

1”-48 = GM Column Large Spline, International, Ididit.

11/16”-40 = VW Rabbit Rack.

3/4”-48 = Pop Browns Columns, Jaguar, MGB.

9/16”-26 = Chrysler Box or Rack, Ford Rack(Mustang & Pinto Manual) Heidt’s Super Ride Rack, Unisteer Manual Rack.

9/16”-36 = Chrysler.

5/8”-36 C = Chrysler Box or Rack.

3/4”-30 = GM Corvette(68-83), Some Model 122(65-85), Model 525(86 & Later), Model 605(78-84), GM Rack Some Models.

17mm DD = GM Rack(Corvette 84 & Later), Fiero, Borgeson 58-64 Chevy Conversion.

1"DD = GM, Ford, Ididit, Flaming River(Standard).

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