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Chrome Curb Feelers (1950’s)

A nice new reproduction pair of Chrome Curb Feelers.

These are nicely made of metal and have two KooL twin feelers on each one. The FEELERS measures 10.75” overall in length. These are a universal mount to the sheet metal on your vehicle. These will really finish off that classic car, custom, truck or what ever.

Keep those white-wall tires looking sharp!

Curb feelers or curb finders are springs or wires installed on a vehicle which act as “whiskers” to warn drivers that they are too close to the curb or other obstruction. The devices are fitted low on the body, close to the wheels. As the vehicle approaches the curb, the protruding ‘feelers act as whiskers and scrape against the curb making a noise and alerting the driver in time to avoid damaging the wheels or hubcaps Since they are flexible, they bend out of the way when pressed against a surface.

A timeless custom accessory!!

Please Note: We also carry the 1930’s - 1940’s style feeler as well which is listed on this site.

Price for a pair.

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