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Chrome GM Universal Alternator

GM ‘all new’ 85 amp universal chrome alternator
Heavy-duty diodes & oversized bearings
Show quality chrome plating
Includes chrome fan & v-belt pulley

Get extra charging power for electronics & lights and a shiny dress-up look under the hood with a new 85 amp chrome plated alternator. Built with all new components and equipped with an internal voltage regulator, this reliable, high quality alternator can be connected with a one or three-wire hook-up and is a bolt-in replacement for the stock alternator.

Don’t be fooled by higher amp models as more is not better… don’t over charge and reduce the life of your battery.

Please Note: Most of today’s vehicles only have a 55-amp fitted to them.

Always choose quality.

Made in the USA.

12V, 85-Amp, Pulley Class V1, Internal Regulator, External Fan, 1 Wire, Clockwise
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