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Duksville Bolt Gauge Metric

Duksville Bolt Gauge Metric.

A must in any workshop , Save a trip to the hardware store and save hours looking for that bolt or nut !!

Heavy duty moulds keeps bolts and nuts in place, Quickly check thread size.

Made In USA.

Metric Sizes Included: M4-.7 Coarse, M5-.8 Coarse, M6-1.0 Coarse, M7-1.0 Coarse, M8-1.25 Coarse, M8-1.0 Fine, M10-1.5 Coarse, M10-1.25 Fine, M10-1.0 Extra Fine, M12-1.75 Coarse, M12-1.5 Fine, M12-1.25 Extra Fine, M14-2.0 Coarse, M14-1.5 Fine and M16-2.0 Coarse

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