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Duksville ECON Pull Switches

Here at Duksville we have put together a range of Traditional ‘Econ’ style switches..

Econ switches come with a plain black knobs(which can be changed if need be or painted) and will work in any style of ride.

These com-packed pull switch take up less space behind what ever you are mounting it too which in-turn makes for a more universal fit.

Pull/lock on/off switch : 6/12v 5amp metal (2.4” L x 1.4” W x 1” H)

2 position(Head Light) pull switch : 6/12v metal 5 pin with built in safety fuse (3” L x 1.4” W x 1” H)

3 position(Head Light) Pull switch : 6/12v (AC 220V-380V) metal 6 pin with built in safety fuse (3.3” L x 1.4” W x 1.4” H)

Fuse Size 3.5 x 0.6 cm

Please Note:

‘IMPORTANT’ No Instructions Included. Professional Installation Is Highly Recommended.

These ‘Traditional’ switches look good in any Hot Rod, Custom, Truck, Classic, VW, Motorcycle we mean anything !! And are a great price and a quality switch.

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