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DSS Universal Wiring Harness (XL Wires)

Here at Duksville we can offer you a 21 circuit for less the most suppliers can offer a 12 circuit, yes you may only need a 12 circuit but it’s always better to have spares as you may wish to add more at a later date and these take up no more room than a small circuit so why go for less at the same price. Just trim back what you are not using and it’s there if you need it !!

These DSS Universal harnesses have been designed to offer you all the highest quality components in a package designed for Hot Rod and Custom applications. Don’t be fooled by others these are one of the the best kits around and fantastic value for your hard earned cash.

Can be mounted in any position and has ample wire clearance behind box, please note that all wires are LABELED to make for a easy installation.

These kits are very high quality as you would expect for your money..Please don’t be fooled by other cheap kits on the market BUY IT ONCE AND DO IT ONCE.

21 circuit wire kits…. This is a complete Bumper to Bumper wire kit, it will have more than enough wire for your project.

21 Circuit has circuits for Coil, Dome Light, ACC 1, Headlights, Door Locks, Cigarette, Lighter, Wipers, ACC 2, Stop Lights, Fuel Pump, Gauges, Hazard, Power Windows, A/C Heater, Electric Fan, Backup/Cruise, Radio and Turn signal. 1 Pre-Wired Fuse Panel w/ 17 Fuses and 1 Breaker. 2 Signal Flashers and 1 Pre-Wired Relay Connector w/ Horn Relay. 2 Pre-Wired Headlight Plugs. 1 Pre-Wired Late GM Alternator Plug. 2 GM Turn signal connectors for the Pre-Terminated Wires. 1 Fusible Link. 1 Large grommet 30+ Insulated Terminals and Small Cable Ties. 2 Loose Wires (Neutral Safety Switch Wire and Panel Light Wire).

DSS kit features a thick coating over the copper wire, the gauge of the wiring ranges from 10 gauge to 18 gauge depending on what the wire is for.

The wires are colour coded and labelled.

These are complete wiring harnesses and are perfect for almost any car or truck project.

DSS wire kits includes detailed installation instructions.

Great for most Hot Rods, Custom , Truck, Stocker, Classic, Kit-car, Buggies and any universal installation.


Duksville Speed Shop is not responsible for any property damage or personal injuries resulting from in proper installation.
Installation by a qualified auto professional is highly recommended,

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