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1935-1941 Pass Car & Commercial Chassis (Frame)

The 1935 Ford model 48 was a thorough refresh on the popular V8-powered Ford.

The four cylinder engine was no longer offered, leaving just the 221 CID (3.6 L) V8 to power every Ford car and truck.

The transverse leaf spring suspension remained, but the front spring was relocated ahead of the axle to allow more interior volume. The body was lowered and new “Centre-Poise” seating improved comfort. The Model 48 was given a cosmetic refresh annually and into 1937 before being thoroughly redesigned for 1941. In 1938, Ford announced new styling for its cars and only a V8 was offered in either a 60 hp (45 kW) V8 or a 85 hp (63 kW) V8 also a new dash was used, with recessed controls for safety.

The Ford’s look was again modernized for 1939 — the Deluxe used a low pointed grille with heavier vertical slats, while the standard Ford had a higher grille with horizontal dividers. The engine was also revised for 1939 with downdraft Carb widening the torque band but leaving power unchanged at 85 hp (63 kW), Hydraulic brakes were a major advancement across the Ford line in 1939.

Ford’s upscale Mercury line also bowed in 1939 filling the gap between the Deluxe Fords and the Lincoln-Zephyr.

In1940 Fords high flat-topped hood dominated the front look as the grille spread out to reach the fenders to differentiate the Deluxe line and the headlights were pushed wider still.

The standard Ford inherited the grille of the 1939 model with blackout on each side of a heavy chrome centre, heavier headlight surrounds served as another major differentiation from the 1939.

1940 was the last year of the 1937 design and its smaller V8 engine.

1935-1941 Ford
1935-1941 Ford