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    Ford Flathead V8 Water Pumps.(PAIR)


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    Modern Design Water Pumps, Left & Right Side with improved gasket. , Ford Passenger, Flathead V8, 85, 90, & 95 Horsepower.

    1937-1948 Passenger
    Also fits 1937-47 Pickup. .

    Sold in a pair with improved gasket

    These water pumps have been completely redesigned, they no longer have bronze bushings or carbon seals.

    Modern roller bearings, coupled with ceramic seals, which ensures you will have no more leaks! They also allow you to tighten your belts, which will cut down on overheating and power loss from your generator.

    What’s the best part about these new water pumps…. They look just like the originals.

    Sold in a pair with improved gasket to save you money..When one has gone.. 10 to 1 the other wont be far behind it. .Don’t buy cheap pumps buy the right pumps !!

    Price for a Pair..

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