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    Hinge Pin Puller





    Bob Drake Reproductions.

    Hinge pin remover ,

    Anyone who has spent grueling hours extracting pins from rusty door hinges will surely appreciate the convenience and ease of this handy tool. Made of forged steel with a heat treated bolt that is guaranteed not to bend, no paint or rust beholden pin stands a chance of remaining stuck in place. Use the right tool and remove your pins without undue damage to your hinges, paint.

    Includes hardened steel extensions.

    Drop forged body for ultimate strength.

    Un-bendable hardened steel extensions in 4 different lengths (1, 1-1/2, 2, 2-1/2 inches).

    Jaw opening accommodates hinges 2-7/8 inches high.

    Requires 3/4 inch clearance between hinge center and vehicle body.

    Workshop Tip: Make your life even easier and apply penetrating oil to your hinge 24 hours before attempting removal. If you have an especially stubborn pin, apply a little heat to encourage movement.

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