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    Pete & Jakes Shocks


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    Pete & Jakes Shocks.

    Designed for Hot Rod & Custom use, Features hard Chrome (Non-Rust) Shaft and rubber bushings at each end, offered in the “Standard” length of 9 1/4” closed and 14 1/4” extended(Long) or in the “Shorty” length of 7 7/8” closed and 11 1/4” extended(Short). They are manufactured with or without dust covers and can be run on the front or rear end of the car in either configuration. The design of the dust-cover is reminiscent of the “airplane shocks” and truck shocks used on early hot rods during the 40’s and 50’s.

    Top Bush: Has a 29/64” metal sleeve(Can be pressed out if need be)
    Bottom Bush: 5/8” hole(No insert)

    Price for a Pair.

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