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    Stromberg 3×2 Carburetor Linkage


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    3×2 direct carburetor linkage with Stromberg Superlink levers, Use with intake manifolds that put the carburetors & 5-1/2” apart.

    Please Note: This can be used on intakes with closer carburetor spacing and the rod can be shortened if need be.

    Designed and manufactured exclusively by Stromberg Carburetor, traditional looks with maximum leverage. Each kit comes pre-assembled and installs in just two simple steps, without the need for extended throttle shafts.

    If you’re in doubt, simply measure your manifold spacing – throttle shaft to throttle shaft.

    • Long die-cast zinc SuperLink lever arms. All other parts stainless steel.
    • Extended throttle shafts are not required.
    • Every kit comes with two new Stromberg ‘Snapback’ throttle return springs, which wrap around the end of the throttle shaft. These chemically blacked, stainless steel torsion springs snap the carburetors shut, yet virtually disappear from view.
    • For a smooth, lightweight look, the swivels are positively fixed by a small e-clip on the back, and the small black set-screws on the front have knurled ends for a strong fix on the stainless rod.

    Every Stromberg linkage kit comes with full instructions.

    If you don’t see the Stromberg item you are looking for on this site please call or email us as we can get all products with 24-48 Hours.

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